Vision and Mission of Humanities Faculty


Become a
n excellent and dignified Faculty of Humanities by developing cultural studies towards being a world-class faculty by 2024.



1. Organizing
The Higher Education in the field of Humanities which is excellent and able to compete at the National and International levels.

2. Developing Research and Community Service in the field of
Humanities both nationally and internationally.

3. Establish
ing and developing cooperation with various parties both inside and outside the country.

4. Developing faculty in national and international standards organizations management.

5. Developing the Reputation
of Bung Hatta University for academics civitas.

6. Develop Entrepreneurship for academics



1. Produc
ing qualified and empowered graduates competing at national and international levels from the humanities study program.

2. Produc
ing dignified graduates who have Bung Hatta personalities.

3. Produc
ing professional graduates who fulfill the global demands.

4. Produc
ing Graduates who are Entrepreneurial and Have Sensitivity to their Communities.


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